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Power outages are frustrating, frightening, and potentially dangerous. Protect your home and family and ensure you always have the access to the power you need with a home generator. Look to us for exceptional Rheem automatic generators for consistent, reliable standby power.

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You can put your trust in our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team to give you exceptional services, honest recommendations, and affordable prices for all of your climate control and comfort needs.

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Having a generator gives you the confidence that your power is reliable at all times. If you are experiencing problems with your generator, call us for emergency services 24 hours a day.


• Permanent backup protection against power outages

• Flexible power that allows you to select the appropriate  

 level of backup power protection

• Air-cooled generators cover basic circuits including

 refrigerators, lights, televisions, small appliances, and  


• Fully automated systems detect power outages

 independently and turn on to the selected backup level

• 8-12kW standby generator reliability is ensured with a

 premium Briggs & Stratton engine designed for

 performance, durability, and reliability

• 10-16-20kW standby generators powered by commercial-

 grade Vanguard engines

• Rust-resistant steel enclosures protect the generator for

 lasting dependability

3 or 4-year limited parts WARRANTY